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A legacy of high quality and safety in commercial diving

Hydra Marine Services Inc. brings an exceptional quality of service and professionalism to every job. Based in the Port of Vancouver and Esquimalt Harbour in Victoria, Canada, we've been providing marine services to inland and coastal sectors since 1999. Our focus is to deliver safe, high quality, cost-effective solutions for inspection services, repairs, maintenance and construction of marine assets. Hydra Marine Services Inc. has been a proud union contractor for over twenty years and is signatory to the Pile Drivers, Divers, Bridge Wharf and Dock Builders Union, Local 2404.

Employee-Owned, exemplary work ethic

Hydra Marine Services is recognized for quality service, an exemplary work ethic and reputation for getting the job done on time and on budget. A large number of successful projects is a testament to the skill of our underwater team.

Getting the job done

Supporting you with underwater excellence

Safety. Reliability. Timeliness. Cost-Effectiveness. Chances are, these are the qualities your business values most when seeking a partner to provide you with underwater services. At Hydra Marine, we're proud of our legacy of excellence, supported by a seasoned team of experts who care about every one of those values.

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Our Services

Hydra Marine Services is an employee-owned company with an innovated approach providing Commercial Diving, Underwater Salvage, Marine Construction and Inspection Services, both locally and abroad. In addition Hydra also offers Project Management, Design and Consulting Services.

Underwater Construction

Full solution diving and support services, using highly skilled personnel that are all CSA Z275.4 Competent Unrestricted Surface Supplied Divers and are Worksafe BC/WCB/CSA certified. We carry out underwater construction, demolition and repair work on structures of varying sizes, locations and conditions.

Underwater Welding

We have extensive equipment for underwater welding and burning operations and are proud to employ 13 underwater welding all position ticketed divers which allows us to deliver certified welds when required or complete larger scale welding projects.

Underwater Rigging

Hydra Marine uses ticketed, experienced and competent employees to take care of all your rigging services.

Underwater Cutting

Hydra Marine is outfitted to cut any material, from steel, to timber, to concrete, with torches, hydraulic grinders, chain saws, diamond saws or jack hammers. Hydra is equipped for all your large or small cutting projects.

Environmental Salvage

Hydra Marine can provide services in limiting damage and sustaining a healthy environment for the marine life found on project sites. We are experienced in installing and maintaining bubble curtains or removing sea life from areas under construction.

Ship Husbandry

Our ship husbandry teams are on call 24 hours a day to respond to your underwater maintenance needs. In-depth knowledge of the shipping industry provides the experience to efficiently carry out tasks in a cost-effective way. Multiple crews means you can rely on us to be there when you need us.

City Works

Hydra Marine has worked with municipalities around GVA to provide construction and maintenance services for water, sewage, and wastewater treatment facilities. Our services help municipalities to ensure their systems are well built and are in good working order to avoid any disruption to service.

Dock & Wharf Construction

Hydra Marine diving technicians are available for inspection, maintenance and repair of docks and wharfs including their anchor systems. From steel pile encasements around concrete pilings on large wharfs to replacing decking, bull rails and cleats on private timber dock, we’re at your service.

Pile Restoration

Any steel in the water requires cathodic protection to prolong the working life of the structure. Hydra Marine Services Inc. are experts in the welding of sacrificial anodes and the installation of impressed current cathodic protection systems.

Pile Wrap Installation

Hydra Marine Services Inc. is an approved company for Denso protection wrap and has completed installation on thousands of square meters of pile wrap whether it is a new installation or a repair to an old system. We do it right from the seafloor to the cap.

Dry Docking

Hydra Marine Services Inc. has extensive experience assisting in dry-docking vessels of varying sizes. We support your careful planning and preparation of this challenging process to ensure your dry-docking is an efficient and successful procedure.

Dredging and Jetting

Hydra Marine Services Inc. has various dredges on site to service your needs including small dredge pumps for moving light material to a heavy duty 6-inch hydraulic submersible pump to remove up to 30-40 cubic metres of material a shift. No material is too big or too small for our dredging technicians.

Barge Repairs

We love barge repairs! Hydra Marine has a ton of experience in barge repair and ship husbandry with excellent welders and fitters standing by. We can show up to a call for a smaller damaged vessel with little pre information, the materials on hand, and the depth of knowledge needed to have it floating in no time.

Marine Consulting

Combining our extensive experience, we aim to find innovative, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to your underwater projects and problems. We’ll collaborate with your engineering consultant during the development of your project to streamline the underwater work and reduce costs.

Construction Support

Hydra Marine Services is fully equipped to provide extensive underwater support for the construction industry. Whether you need to replace corroded support structures, install and weld pile caps, seal underwater concrete or grouting, or any other challenging underwater tasks, our highly experienced crew is there to get the job done safely and on time.

Listed here are just a few of the many construction-related projects we’ve worked on over the past decades.

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LNG Canada Project, Kitimat BC

For the past two years, Hydra Marine has assisted in the major liquefied natural gas (LNG) export project being developed in Kitimat. It’s the largest marine construction project in Canada. During pivotal points in the project, more than 30 divers were on site working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help complete daily projections that included the underwater structural welding of a three-kilometer span.

Port Mann Bridge

In September 2012, the new Port Mann Bridge opened to eastbound traffic in Vancouver and Hydra Marine Services Inc. supported Kiewit Corporation to complete all the underwater construction for the world’s widest long-span bridge of 65 metres (213 ft).  Support of all concrete pours, collar placements, cutting of false works and construction of the footings for the bridge were expertly completed by our diving technicians.

Annacis Wastewater Treatment Plant

On this challenging expansion project, Hydra Marine assisted in the construction of its most complicated outfall pipe to date.  Twelve months of work was completed in a wet coffer dam in 110 ft of water with zero visibility completing structural welding of sheerings, cutting of all foundation pilings to elevation, and building a platform to support 250 tons for the riser within a 2mm tolerance over a forty feet span.

William R. Bennett Floating Bridge, Kelowna

Hydra Marine Services Inc. assisted Vancouver Pile Driving in completing this very technically challenging piece of transportation infrastructure three months ahead of schedule and under budget. The underwater construction included anchor hook ups, demolition, foundation work, concrete pours, dredging and jetting.

Barge on the Beach, Vancouver BC

Hydra Marine Services Inc. assisted Vancouver Pile Driving Ltd. in completing this very public and technically challenging salvage on Sunset Beach in Vancouver.  Hydra Marine Services Inc. worked collaboratively on the planning of possible solutions for the project.  In the end, they completed the cutting for demolition, the rigging to help in the removal of the barge pieces, environmental surveys of the sensitive marine environment and clean up of the site after the removal.

Metlakatla Barge Salvage, Victoria BC

Hydra Marine Services Inc. worked with Lafarge Canada to create a salvage plan for the Metlakatla 1 Cement Barge that broke free of its tow cable and drifted onto the rocks at McLoughlin Point. The salvage was a two-week process to get it seaworthy enough to be towed into drydock as the barge had extensive damage.

Salvage Projects

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Underwater Inspections

Proper underwater inspections are vital, and need to be performed as thoroughly as possible with comprehensive documentation. Hydra Marine Services are experts in underwater inspections. We can support divers or ROV inspections complete with video documentation.

Hydra Marine Services can perform diving inspections augmented with digital underwater documentation. Non Destructive Surveys (NDT) such as Ultrasonic Thickness measurements and Potential readings can also be provided.

Digital profiling can also be provided. We also offer hydrographic, profiling, side scan and magnetometer surveys.

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