Marine diving, salvage and welding services


Company Profile

Hydra Marine Services is an employee owned company with an innovated approach providing Commercial Diving, Underwater Salvage, Marine Construction and Inspection Services, both locally and abroad. In addition Hydra also offers Project Management, Design and Consulting Services. 

Hydra Marine Services brings an exceptional quality of service and professionalism to each job. Its principals have over 50 years of marine experience. Hydra Marine Services approach is to provide leadership and customized solutions while eliminating safety risk and minimizing cost. 

Hydra Marine Services employees
Hydra Marine Services is recognized for quality service, an exemplary work ethic and reputation for getting the job done on time and on budget. Hydra Marine success is proven by our client list.
Diving Services 
Surface supplied air diving  
Surface supplied mixed gas diving 
Surface supplied nitrox diving 
Remotely operated vehicles 
Certified underwater welding 
Underwater cutting 
Pressure washing to 20,000 psi 
Licensed blasters 
Pipe penetration 
Jetting and dredging 
Search and recovery 
Sub sea Mapping and imaging 
Bottom sampling 
Inspection Services   
Dock, Bridge, Pipe line, Piling and Dam Inspection 
Anode Inspection assessment and replacement 
Non- destructive testing 
Remotely operated vehicle inspection 
Bottom profiling 
Marine surveys 
Underwater video inspections 
Digital editing from video 
Management Services 
Project management 
Construction management 
Consulting Services