Marine diving, salvage and welding services


Hydra Marine Services

The Hydra team is made up of a core group of highly trained, experienced certified commercial divers, R.O.V technician and marine surveyors. The Hydra team has the experience, versatility and equipment to deal with the most complex projects, from routine to hazardous. Hydra Marine has Engineering support and a 6000 sq. ft. Fabrication facility. Hydra Marine Services is available 24 hours a day and is prepared for your emergency response needs. Professional diving services in Vancouver, BC

The Right Approach

Diving safety is Hydra Marine Services' number one priority. This begins with the correct equipment for the job, entails highly trained personnel and proper follow up procedures. Through extensive training and experience Hydra Marine has the knowledge to safely and efficiently provide risk free diving services to each client.
Underwater welding services in Vancouver, British Columbia